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Our completely environmentally friendly process involves soaking any removable items including trays, racks, panels and the fan in the heat tank containing our specialised solution in the back of the technician's van.

The oven door will be removed and taken apart so in between the glass panels can be properly cleaned and lastly the inside of the oven will be given a complete clean and detail. All the grease, grime and burnt on carbon deposits are removed bringing your oven as close to showroom quality as possible.


Aussie Oven Clean specialise in Rangehood Cleaning. We clean any size or design from small under-cupboard mounted Rangehoods to large stainless steel canopy style units.

The exterior is degreased and polished using our unique eco-friendly degreasers. The filters are removed and the grease and grime are completely removed with our eco-friendly degreasing process located in our van.

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We are experts at Cooktop Cleaning and can tackle the difficult task of bringing your cooktop back to a sparkling condition. Whether you have gas, electric, stainless steel, enamel or glass surfaces, we use the appropriate cleaning equipment and eco-safe solutions to clean your cooktop without leaving scratches and marks.

Aussie Oven Clean will clean and polish your cast iron trivets so that they return to their near original state. The rings on the cooktop are lifted, any grease and carbon spots are removed and the brass components are polished to look like new. Your cooktop will be left sparkling clean and free of any grease and hard to remove fat deposits.


When cleaning your microwave, we aim to cause as little disruption to your home as possible. Having a dirty appliance is bad enough without having to worry about the microwave cleaning specialist causing a noise or making a mess.

At Aussie Oven Clean, we provide a professional and high-quality service. Any parts of your microwave or microwave grill that can be removed are done so and soaked outside of your premises.  Our proven solution and high-quality range of products ensure that our customers benefit from a safe working environment and a fume-free home. Furthermore, all cleaned microwaves are completely safe to use just as soon as we’ve finished. The professionalism and quality of our service, coupled with our innovative cleaning system, all contribute to the convenience offered to our customers.

What this means is that you can be confident in your microwave is clean, knowing that the solutions used are safe and that your kitchen will be left clean once we have left. We offer a convenient and economical service that has been designed to get your appliance clean as quickly as possible.
No matter what state your microwave is in – whether it needs a quick spring polish or a deep clean to remove grime – we are on hand to help.

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